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Aug 31 2018

Xemplar Insurance Telematics & Risk Management Solutions

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Holistic Mobile-based Insurance
Risk Management Solutions

Data Information Insight Action

Xemplar Solutions allow insurance carriers and fleet owners to proactively plan and intervene with tangible and immediate evidence to influence driver behavior right at the point of transgression. It draws the attention of the driver if their driving behavior puts them at the risk of accidents and alerts them to any implications they may face in terms of their insurance coverage. Improved driving behavior helps carriers reduce the loss ratios on the book of clients.

Fleet owners can better manage their insurance premiums through risk mitigation strategies by pinpointing problematic behavior with factual data. Policy holders will pay incentivized insurance premiums which are based on their individual risk profile, ensuring higher client stickiness. Xemplar delivers a significant edge by providing a truly granular analysis of client data and cost containment which is a great basis to build rewards/loyalty programs.

Xemplar Auto 2.0

Drive Critical Business Decisions using the Proactive Customer Engagement and Risk Management Solution

Proactive Customer Engagement – Offer your customers real-time suggestions, using insights from their driving patterns. Leverage data to turn around your customer engagements from being reactive to proactive ones. Use this valuable information to improve your premium pricing accuracy, customize services, enhance safety, and reduce claims costs.

Advanced Risk Management – Minimize the risk of accidents and improve driver safety, thereby reducing the likelihood of claims and mitigating business risks.

Xemplar Fleet 2.0

Strengthen Client Relationships using the Fleet Safety and Active Risk Management Solution

Safety-focused Solution. Committed to delivering, interpreting and putting to use valuable driving data – it plays a key role in improving the safety of drivers, increasing the fleet’s operating profitability and reducing its environmental impact. These insights enable fleet managers to proactively reduce costs, improve fleet safety and increase productivity.

Sophisticated Active Risk Management. Enhance your underwriting value in real-time by leveraging the first-of-its-kind data exchange to improve your pricing accuracy and risk selection.

Capabilities of the Comprehensive Mobile
Risk Management Solution

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