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May 17 2018

Which Airlines Accept Paypal Payments for Flights?

Over the last years Paypal has firmly established itself as a mainstream online payment provider with millions of users worldwide. An increasing number of international airlines allow Paypal to be used for flight ticket payments.

Many people prefer paying by Paypal for convenience and security as they often do not have to fill any credit card details directly online during the transaction.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when using Paypal for flights:

*Be aware that some airlines can have various restrictions for making Paypal payments. Paypal may only be available for residents of certain countries or for payments in specific currencies.

*When considering Paypal as a form of payment do check the fee the airline charges and compare this to other forms of payment that may be available.

*Using Paypal it is possible to make the payment via a credit card, debit card, bank transfer or using any positive balance in your account.

*Do remember that paying by credit card in most countries offers a higher degree of consumer protection should the airline or travel company go bankrupt. For example, in the UK paying by credit card for goods priced £100 to £30,000 makes the retailer and card company jointly liable.

Paypal Airlines List 2017

At AirTravelGenius.com we ve published the Paypal airlines list annually since 2008. The 2017 list is continually updated for 2017 and is currently at 55 airlines. The latest 2017 additions are Amaszonas, Aurigny, Ethiopian, Kenya Airways, Philippine Airlines, StarPerú, TAAG, Thai Airways and T way. The list is in alphabetical order:

Most of the major airlines in the US and Europe are now taking Paypal payments. Major travel agent sites such as Hotwire can also accept Paypal for flight bookings. Use of Paypal by Middle-Eastern and Asian airlines is also slowly growing.

In Australia we note the continued absence of Qantas. However, Australian travel agents Webjet, Jetabroad and Flight Centre have long accepted Paypal for domestic and international flight bookings.

If you know of any other airline that we may have missed please drop us a line ! Thanks to readers Joachim (03-17), Filippo (06-17) and Rakesh (07-17) for contributing to the updated list. Last update 21 June 2017.

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