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Sep 30 2017

Web-Based Optimum Online E-Mail #web-based #email-login


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Web-Based Optimum Online E-Mail

To access the Web-based Optimum Online Email:

  1. Go to www.optimum.net
  2. Sign in with your Optimum ID and password.
  3. Place your cursor over Internet
  4. Go down to Email Inbox
  5. We’ll show you the most recent messages
  6. Click View all to see the Inbox
  7. If you are still using Classic Mail, click Go to New Optimum Online Email at the top-right.

Want to see something different at the top? Customize the Optimum.net page if you prefer to always see Email:

  1. Click Change to view the available choices.
  2. You can have two categories customized
  3. Select Email by placing a checkmark next to it
  4. When you Sign In, the customized choices appear at the top
  5. When you’re done, view other applicable categories:
    • On Demand
    • Voicemail
    • WiFi Usage
    • TV best bets
    • DVR
    • Cart


Optimum Online Email includes the most popular functions, like Custom Folders, Address Book, Vacation Messages, SpamScrub and junk mail handling. In addition, the Optimum Online Email offers an advanced, interactive user interface, improved search capabilities, and several additional features to simplify and greatly enhance the customer experience:

  • Resizable windows.
  • Scrolling in windows.
  • Welcome Message, new information message or the Email preview pane.
  • Double-clicking to open messages in a separate window.
  • Common right-mouse-click functions, like delete, reply, mark read, etc.
  • Ability to select, move and delete multiple messages at once.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for column headers, moving email to a folder or contacts to the email recipients list.
  • Optional sound effects when sending or receiving mail.
  • Modify the email spam filter, SpamScrub (automatically on)

Additional Features:

  • Google Maps in Contacts: A new “show map” link is available for any contact in your Address Book with an address associated to the contact.
  • Merge Duplicate Contacts: Use the Find Duplicates option to help manage duplicate entries in your address book.
  • Smart Objects: You can easily add or update contacts directly from the To, CC and BCC fields, while composing or replying to a message.
  • Request a Return Receipt: Allows you to track any message that you have sent to see if it has been read by the recipient.
  • Automatic Spell Check: This feature will invoke spell check automatically upon sending your email.

To Set A Vacation Message

After signing in with your Optimum ID and password for your email address:

  1. Click on Preferences
  2. Under the Email column, click directly on your e-mail address
  3. Click Vacation
  4. You will see the following: Taking a break from email? Let people know by sending an auto-reply each time you receive a new email message.
  5. Check the box Activate Automatic Vacation Response
  6. Enter the message you wish people to see when they send an email message to your address
  7. Click Save
  8. Your vacation messsage is now active. To turn your vacation message off, repeat the first four steps, uncheck the box and then click Save .

You can review all of the email features preferences and settings within the Optimum Online E-Mail Help section.

The Preview Pane

Similar to many email client applications, Optimum Online Email offers you the ability to view email using a preview pane. Simply click on a message in your inbox and the contents will display in the bottom portion of your window.

Activate the Preview Pane

By default the Welcome Message pane is active. If you wish to activate the preview pane to preview the email you have selected, simply click the [X ] located in the top-left corner of the Welcome Message pane and then click on the message view button .

Modify SpamScrub

SpamScrub is automatically on for Optimum Online customers. If you wish to turn it off, or re-enable, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Optimum.net
  2. Click on the Internet header at the top right
  3. Under Internet Protection click on SpamScrub
  4. Toggle bar to either Off or On

To Automatically Forward Email Messages

  • In Optimum Online Email use Preferences:
    1. Select Preferences from the top menu
    2. Under the Email column next to the mailbox icon, click on your email address
    3. From the menu select Filters
    4. Click Add from the bottom section of the window
    5. Enter a Filter Title
    6. Check next to Send to alternate email address
    7. Click OK. then click Save
  • If using the Classic Mail version of Optimum Online Email:
    1. Select Options from the top menu
    2. Under the Mail menu select Settings
    3. Under Options-Mail Settings go to Mail Forwarding
    4. Next to Enable forwarding. ensure the box is checked.
    5. Next to Email Address. click Add and enter the full Email Address
    6. The email address should appear in the Mail Forwarding List
    7. Click the Save button

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