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Jul 31 2017

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VDI Cost

Different companies use VDI for different things. Some use VDI to augment their current onsite or hosted IT infrastructure, others use VDI to whole-sale replace their IT infrastructure with a complete move to the cloud. We have even run into customers who want to just put a single application in the cloud.

Regardless of what you implement there are different bits and pieces to understand when you are evaluating your VDI cost. With Cloud My Office you have complete freedom to pick and choose what services you want with your VDI deployment. Below are some of the different cost drivers for hosted VDI solutions.

VDI Cost for user accounts

The most obvious VDI cost driver is the number of user accounts required for your virtual desktop deployment. With Cloud My Office you can select from three different VDI user account types (checkout our VDI pricing page for more detail). With Cloud My Office we take care of all of your Microsoft and Citrix application licensing fees, you will never be hit with a hidden licensing fee from us.

Custom applications for your virtual desktop infrastructure

Cloud My Office offer a variety of free hosted application (along with some paid ones) that you can use on your VDI user account. However most businesses we work with have a specialized application specific to their business that they need to use on a virtual desktop infrastructure.

We are always happy to help install custom applications. Depending on the type of application there are different costs associated with installing, hosting and maintaining that application. Contact us to learn more about how a custom application impacts your VDI cost.

Private cloud servers for applications, databases or websites

Many of our customers have the need for a private virtual machine where they can host databases, a custom Sharepoint server or their website. With Cloud My Office it is easy to provision and manage a private clouds server from our admin panel. Our cloud server prices varies depending on the size and features required for your cloud server.

User support and maintenance

Often time our customers want Cloud My Office to manage everything associated with their IT infrastructure. With all Cloud My Office VDI user accounts we do offer basic support for free to help users connect to their desktop and other basic questions. For customers who want a more managed VDI solution, we offer a variety of affordable IT support packages ranging from basic user support to full application support.

VPN and networked printers

For customers who have multiple office locations with networked printers Cloud My Office recommends setting up a custom VPN to enable securer network printing from anywhere in the world. Adding networked printers to your virtual desktop accounts adds a small monthly fee to your overall VDI cost.


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