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Jul 31 2017

University Behaviorial Health in El Paso, TX 79902 #university #behavioral #health #of #el #paso


University Behaviorial Health

over a year ago

Back in 1997, I was a patient here and must say that I did not have a very pleasant experience. I was diagnosed with depression and was put on Zoloft, Risperdal, Clonazepam, and Lithium. All these drugs all they did was put me to sleep. I feel that the doctors here just want to have you asleep so that they don’t have to deal with your illness. It is not a very secure place because my mom would have to go in the mornings so that I could shower. There was a man by the name of Jose at the time that was mentally ill and scared both me and my roommate. I ended up in Mexico after this horrible experience to find out that my true illness was porphyria and not depression. Perhaps you don’t even know what that is. I could have died from this and to have been in a behavioral health center that did not diagnose me right makes me get goosebumps. I was exposed to formaldehyde gas and this is how I got this illness. And the doctors there knew I had been exposed to formaldehyde gas. I hope many read my review and proceed with caution when even thinking of choosing this place for help. You won’t get the help you need. And to top it all off, my mom had a hard time getting me out of this place.

Anna N.

over a year ago

Worst Mental Health Hospital Ever! I was admitted to this place because I was having difficulty dealing with post-partum. Unfortunately I did not have insurance in order to be put in the women’s unit, so they threw me in the Psychartic unit instead. PICU, because HMR would only cover that stay for me. I thought ok, maybe I’ll get some counseling to help me deal with my post-partum. WRONG. Not only did I not get any good counseling at all to deal with my post-partum depression. I was lied to constantly from day one. They said I would only be there for three days, which turned into seven. They would refuse to let me go no matter what. The Psychatric doctors only see their patients once a day only during the weekday and they don’t even try to help you with anything, all they do is throw drugs at you, which don’t really work. All they do is knock you out and make you sleep a lot. Then in PICU there is absolutely nothing to do. There is only one group therapy in the morning that doesn’t deal with anything that you might be dealing with. One gym therapy every other day and one art therapy every other day only in the mornings. The rest of the day is boring as hell, you’re just stuck watching TV. Or you can try to get something from the Techs or the nurses if they’re not blowing you off and hiding in the med room that is. I was admitted in a mental health hospital before in Las Vegas, and that one was a hundred times better than this wannabe mental heatlh hospital. It’s just a freaking joke. I think they try to admit as many people as they can over anything they can just to try to make more money and have students learn there especially since it’s right next to UTEP.

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