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Aug 31 2017

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Unitrin Background
Unitrin is one of the leading financial service companies that provide a wide range of services that includes consumer and financial products services, for small families, small business and also individuals. This $3 billion company boasts of having the right products for the right services, so that a right choice is provided to the shareholders. Unitrin has $9 billion in assets and around 8200 associates. There are many companies under the banner of Unitrin, specializing in different areas, such as property and casualty insurance, insurance for life and death, and also finance for individuals, families and small businesses.

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The Insurance and Finance Companies of Unitrin are mainly known to serve the people around the United States. This is a company that is a part of the leading financial service providers in the United States. with more than 6 million policy holders. These policyholders receive all kinds of services that are related to basic insurance and financial needs, by a large number of career agents and loan representatives of the company. Another company in the group of Unitrin is the Property and Casualty Insurance Group that is made up of Unitrin Kemper Auto and Home, Unitrin Specialty, and Unitrin Business Insurance. These are involved with the selling of personal and commercial insurance along with the help of a network of agents. There is another group that is referred to as Unitrin Property and Casualty Insurance Group, another company working under the Unitrin group, helps to connect a group of insurance carriers of a particular region. These companies, along with the basic service also provide a large number of personal and commercial insurance products to the large number of its users. The basic units of this group are Unitrin Kemper Auto and Home, Unitrin Specialty, Unitrin Business Insurance, and Unitrin Direct.

The Life and Health Insurance Group of companies of the Unitrin group is one of the 100 life insurance providers of the nation. It consists of Career Agency Companies and Reserve National. These companies are known to be providing a large number of personalized services that include enhancing the strength of the revenue streams and also financial flexibility and the growth of the balance sheet. There are many brands in the Casualty Insurance Business, and these can be classified as Unitrin Kemper Auto and Home, Unitrin Specialty, and Unitrin Business Insurance.

A subsidiary of Unitrin, referred to as Fireside Bank specializes in automobile loans. There are many other companies that are also associated with Unitrin, such as Unitrin Kemper Auto and Home and Unitrin Specialty. Unitrin specialty is known to be providing personal and commercial insurance, with the help of its more than 8500 independent agents and brokers. Unitrin has more than 750 employees in its three different offices that are located in ( Dallas. Texas ; Woodland Hills. California ; and Salem. Oregon ). On the other hand, Unitrin Kemper Auto and Home provides personal and umbrella insurance to all its preferred customers.

There are several marketing and advertising policies of Unitrin, and most of it is done through the direct mail. The chief business strategy of the corporation is to lay more stress on corporate pricing and providing great emphasis on the customer satisfaction aspect. Most of the insurance is made through direct mails, or through the different web insurance portals


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