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Aug 31 2017

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Financial Resources

PTM-Vision utilizes a fully integrated accounting program that automatically updates the general ledger with every transaction. The accounting system provides accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger. PTM-Vision comes with advanced business analytics and reporting capabilities that help you understand the performance of the various aspects of your business.

Parts Inventory Resources

Inventory Management System PTM-Vision s advanced inventory management software system is ideal for companies with parts warehouses or just parts departments. PTM-Vision has many advanced features to manage cores, reduce slow moving and dead inventory, bar-coding and our advanced velocity pricing features that improves profitability.

Dealer Inventory Resources

PTM-Vision is ideally suited for managing dealership inventory. Advanced accounting features for handling flooring, trade-in allowances and over allowances, tracking dealer prep costs and reporting instant profitability. With a strong emphasis on the heavy duty truck and automotive industries, our software offers highly dedicated industry specific features.

Manufacturing Shop Resources

Manufacturing Shop Management Software PTM-Vision provides advanced tools for forecasting and tracking all labor and material requirements for manufacturing or rebuilding. The production ordering system allows rebuilders to identify all material requirements and the shop floor labor management system allows rebuilders and manufactures to track all labor on every operation.

Shop Management Software

Revolutionary at-a-glance shop management software puts you in control. No more walking around the shop trying to figure out what’s going on. PTM-Vision’s innovative software gives you unprecedented visibility and control of everything in your shop. You can instantly see and manage jobs, priorities, schedules, and delivery times. PTM-Vision s software is the most advanced shop time management programs in View Article

Vendor Resources

PTM-Vision allows you to track all of your suppliers, discounts and profitability. Our vendor management and purchasing controls help you rank vendor performance and identifies who you do the most business with and who has the best delivery. Track every order with every vendor. Eliminate billing errors and streamline purchasing activity. Fulling integrated with point View Article

Sales Resources

PTM-Vision allows sales people and sales managers to get to detailed information about their potential customers and current customers quickly. Letting them know what the customer has been purchasing, last parts that were purchased and when they may need to purchase again. The electronic communications module allows marketing members and sales personnel to communicate with View Article

Point-of-Sale Software Resources

Customers need to have a positive experience when doing business with you. The point-of-sale experience needs to be fast, intimate and professional, especially dealing with over the counter parts sales and vehicle service. PTM-Vision is a high performance windows based product that gives your counter personal and service managers a wealth of information at View Article

Customer Resource Management

Managing the customer experience with your business is essential in creating an environment that encourages potential as well as current customers coming in the door. PTM-Vision has many tools that allow you to increase the quality of your customer s interaction with your business.

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