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Mar 22 2018

Tourism, Recreation – Sport Management – College of Health and Human Performance

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Tourism, Recreation & Sport Management

Our goal is to improve the overall quality of life by learning and teaching what leads individuals, families and industry to value and benefit from tourism, events, recreation, and sport.

At the Department of Tourism, Recreation Sport Management (TRSM), we study the impact of tourism, recreation activities, professional and amateur sports, ecotourism, parks and beaches on the personal, social, economic, environmental and resource infrastructures of society. Our students, staff and faculty are dedicated to understanding the role and impact of these leisure services on individuals, society and the environment.

Our Faculty are engaged in leading-edge research that is advancing the science of sport…

Program Goals

Tourism, Events and Recreation Management

We prepare students to develop, manage and deliver leisure services to various populations in diverse settings around the world and to become decision makers in private and public organizations.

Through class practica, projects, internship opportunities and field experiences, students learn leadership, management, programming, marketing and evaluation, entrepreneurism, legal aspects of tourism, event and recreation management and communication skills. Students have the opportunity to work and train in a variety of professional recreation and tourism management settings.

Before graduation, students are placed in 13-week senior internships where they learn from experienced tourism, parks and recreation professionals who are internationally and nationally recognized in their specializations.

We teach students to apply the fundamental concepts of management, marketing, finance and law to sport organizations. Our students go on to work in professional sport franchises, intercollegiate athletic departments, sports media industries, sporting goods merchandising and sport organizing committees. Within sport organizations, students may focus on facility and event management, marketing, administration, compliance, ticket operations, sponsorship sales, fundraising, player representation and a range of other sport-related jobs.

As seniors, our students are placed in a 13-week internship where they learn from internationally and nationally recognized sport professionals.

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