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Oct 15 2017

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Get Help For Your Troubled Teen Today!

Teen Treatment Center

Our Residential Treatment Center for Teens Program

Rehab for Teens

Elk River Treatment Program is a residential treatment center for teens who are struggling with substance abuse, drug addiction, and the commonly associated behavioral problems or mental health challenges.

Teen Rehab Center

The teen treatment rehab program is designed specifically around your child and your family’s unique needs. Our on-site staff of medical professionals, therapists, and counselors will work together with you to develop a rehabilitation program that addresses not only the substance abuse or drug addiction your teen is experiencing, but also uncover and address the underlying reasons your teen is self-medicating. Most teens turn to drug and alcohol use as a coping or escape mechanism to deal with other issues or conditions. If the source is not treated, troubled adolescents will frequently relapse and return to rehab. The goal of our rehab for teens program is to provide your child with the tools necessary to cope with core issues that drive substance abuse and addiction.

Your teen’s treatment plan is developed to address their unique needs so there is no predetermined length of stay. The time frame for entering and exiting the drug rehabilitation program is determined by you and your child’s response to treatment. In addition, our teen rehab center provides a fully accredited academic program for grades 6-12, so your teenanger will not fall behind in school while in treatment.

At Elk River you can rest assured that your teenager will be given around-the-clock attention and the highest quality of care and treatment available. We understand that there is nothing more precious than your child and their future. Your family is in good hands. Our teen rehab center has successfully turned hundreds of lives around and returned them to the life and future they were meant to have.

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