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Sep 7 2018

What is the GASTRIC SLEEVE? Information on cost, benefits of vertical sleeve, gastric sleeve surgery wiki.#Gastric #sleeve #surgery #wiki

# The gastric sleeve is the lastest weight loss procedure that shows promising results. By restricting food absorbtion and reducing hunger the gastric sleeve might be your best option. Please consult with our surgeon or staff to find out if this is the best procedure for you. Advantages of gastric sleeve include lower cost, less dumping, fewer complications and does not require adjustments after the initial surgery. How Does The Gastric Sleeve Work? The vertical sleeve gastrectomy is a restrictive form of weight loss surgery in which approximately 85% of the stomach is removed leaving a cylindrical or sleeve shaped …

Nov 13 2017

Gastric Sleeve Fort Worth Dallas Waco TX #vertical #sleeve #gastrectomy #blog

# Gastric Sleeve Surgery admin 2016-10-22T13:48:32+00:00 Gastric Sleeve Surgery My Bariatric Solutions provides sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve surgery, for patients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and surrounding North Texas communities as well as Southern Oklahoma. Gastric sleeve surgery is unique in that it facilitates weight loss by permanently reducing the size of the stomach. It does not require gastric bypass or insertion of a gastric band like other bariatric surgery options. Dr. Scott Stowers. Dr. Arsalla and Dr. Heath Smith are experienced in performing sleeve gastrectomy and have helped many patients achieve significant weight loss with this procedure. If …