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Feb 26 2018

Services for Veterans, veterans job assistance.#Veterans #job #assistance

Services for Veterans

The Employment Development Department (EDD) assists veterans and their eligible spouses to maximize their employment and training opportunities. Veterans are entitled to many resources designed to help in their search for employment.

The EDD veterans representatives specialize in assisting veterans in their efforts to return to work and are located in many local EDD offices. Services provided include a veteran 24-hour priority hold on all job listings, customized job search assistance, job fairs, employer recruitments, and other events and resources.

Veterans are encouraged to schedule an appointment with an EDD veterans representative for personalized services and assistance to achieve professional goals.

CalJOBS SM : California labor exchange system allows job seekers to create rГ©sumГ©s that can be seen by employers, search the full-service employment center for job openings, and more. CalJOBS can help veterans translate their military training and specialties into marketable skills applicable to civilian jobs. It also allows employers to post job openings, browse through thousands of viable rГ©sumГ©s and find qualified candidates.

Veterans often have an established record of reliability, discipline, resilience, and willingness to learn new skills that are applicable to a variety of fields. Their military experience, skills, and specialized training can be matched to number of desirable qualifications sought by employers, making veterans already ready and able to work. Let CalJOBS help you translate your military skills into something civilian employers can understand and appreciate in just three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Visit CalJOBS ; and select Find a Job
  • Step 2: Use the link under the Search button, next to the U.S. Flag to enter your military occupation.
  • Step 3: Under the Military Occupational Specialty section, select the options to begin your search.

Veterans will be directed to employers with job openings that match their military experience.

The EDD service eligibility requirements for veterans are defined.

  • EDD Office Locator

    Each local office has a veteran representative who is available to work with you.

  • Unemployment Insurance (UI)

    The UI program provides workers, who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, with weekly UI payments. Former service personnel may be eligible for UI benefits.

  • Job Fairs and Workshops

    Locate job fairs and workshops for veterans in your area.

  • If your business has an open position, visit CalJOBS (California s online labor exchange system) select Find a Candidate then select Yes from the Veteran dropdown menu option. You will find a pool of highly qualified individuals ready to step in and help you succeed.

  • Employer Toolkit for Hiring Veterans

    From America s Heroes At Work, a step-by-step toolkit for employers.

  • USERRA Information

    Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) from the U.S. Department of Labor.

  • Tool for career exploration and job analysis.

    The Center for Women Veterans fact sheet from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Frequently Asked Questions From Women Veterans

    The Center for Women Veterans FAQ page from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Women Veterans Health Care

    Department of Veterans Affairs Women Veterans Health Strategic Health Care Group (Women s Health) provides programmatic and strategic support to implement positive changes in the provision of care for all women Veterans.

  • Survivors and Dependents Assistance (DEA)

    Information on the Dependents Educational Assistance, which provides education and training opportunities to eligible dependents of certain veterans.

  • The Department of Veterans Affairs offers a variety of resources, programs, and benefits to end veteran homelessness.

  • Veterans Crisis Line

    The Veterans Crisis Line connects veterans in crisis and their families and friends with qualified, caring responders from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Survivor Benefits

    Support for the surviving spouses and dependents of military personnel who died while in active military service and to the survivors of veterans who died after active service.

  • Nominate employers who consistently demonstrate positive policies toward U.S. veterans.

  • California Department of Veterans Affairs

    An online resource for veterans, family members, and friends to connect with resources and solutions to issues affecting their lives.

  • Copyright 2017 State of California

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