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Nov 30 2017

Rolling Shutter, Security Shutters, Window Coverings #locksmith #tempe


See why everyone chooses Roll-A-Shield

Outdoor TV Protection with Push Button Activation

Rolling Security Shutters for Windows & Doors

Security Shutters for Business and Residential

Protect your home or business with the kind of next-level protection only quality security shutters can provide. You have invested so much into your property, it is only right that you also invest in the means to safeguard it from theft, vandalism, and nature. Roll-A-Shield can make elegant, pro-active security a reality for you with a full range of shutter types, including rolling security shutters and security blinds for windows. Be proactive in the defense of your property. Security window shutters are strong enough to stand up to criminals, which is why they tend to avoid businesses and homes outfitted with our products.


Security shutters are the most attractive way to protect your business. They are the best alternative to noisy and overly sensitive alarms. The mere sound of an alarm is certainly not guaranteed to stop determined criminals; security window shutters and rolling security shutters provide a strong defense capable of stopping even the most determined of threats.
Every business application, from storefronts and pass through windows to counter windows can benefit from being defended by security shutters. These foam insulated aluminum security shutters are far more elegant than metallic bar gates. They can be painted to match the aesthetics of your facility, and can even carry business logos or text.


Security shutters provide maximum security without being unsightly or making the home uncomfortable. Furthermore, security window shutters can block almost all of the sun’s light, allowing you to control the ambience and keep the home cool without using energy. The insulated aluminum security window shutters also have a noise reduction effect on homes with this application.

Quality Security Shutters Providing Peace of Mind since 1979

Roll-A-Shield, Inc. has been providing top of the line custom rolling security shutters since 1979. Whether you desire a proactive instead of reactive security system for your home or business, energy efficiency, storm protection or one of our custom enclosure creations Roll-A-Shield, Inc. will work to exceed your expectations using only the highest quality components and materials to build your security window shutters and rolling security shutters.
Roll-A-Shield has built its reputation from building security shutters that will last for years to come worry free. Our sales staff is dedicated to working with you to achieve the most aesthetically appealing security shutter application and is known to deliver total satisfaction even to the most discriminate of consumers. You will not find more secure and better looking security window shutters and rolling window shutters on the market for the same value that Roll-A-Shield delivers.
We offer excellent, courteous customer service and our highly skilled staff with years of experience is ready to go to work for you! You will find our showroom for door and window security shutters in Tempe, Arizona where you are welcome to watch our experienced crew hard at work manufacturing custom European Style Security Shutters on site! Do not delay; get in touch with us today about installing your own security window shutters and rolling security shutters. The protection of your property is depending on it.

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