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Dec 31 2017


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Rhode Island DUI Lawyer Matthew Marin

Experienced and Aggressive DUI Defense Representation

My name is Matthew Marin, and I represent those charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol and drugs throughout Rhode Island. I have represented other attorneys, teachers, medical professionals, and even police officers. By fighting each and every DUI case that I take on I have earned a positive reputation within the legal community for experienced and highly skilled DUI defense representation.

Honest, Straightforward Advice and Representation

In every DUI case that I accept, it is my goal to make sure that you are fully informed of every aspect of your case from day one. This means that during our initial, no obligation consultation I will give you my honest and unfiltered analysis of your case with all the available information. I believe that to make the important decisions you will need to make regarding your case going forward, it is vitally important to know some key information regarding your case:

  • How will my case proceed in court?
  • What are the best case and worst case scenarios?
  • How can Attorney Marin assist me in my DUI defense?

One Attorney Working on Your Case –From Initial Consultation through the Final Verdict

If you hire us to help you fight your Rhode Island DUI case, you will have one lawyer working the case from beginning to end who is available to answer all of your questions along the way. Many DUI Attorney’s market themselves as an “expert” in the field of DUI defense and it is only when the client get’s to court that they realize the so-called “expert” they have hired has sent a young junior associate to handle the case instead. At the Law Offices of Matthew Marin, Attorney Matthew Marin will handle each and every step of your legal representation.

Hire An Aggressive Legal Advocate to Work for You

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