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Jun 24 2017

Public Counsel – power of pro bono law for children, families, veterans, students, immigrants, nonprofits and small businesses #call #center #services #for #small #businesses


  • 06/30/2016
    Gov. Brown Appoints Lisa Jaskol to Los Angeles Superior Court 12-year veteran of Public Counsel created the nation’s first appellate self-help clinic
  • 11/05/2015
    Historic Class-Action Settlement Will Protect Students from Being Assigned to ”Fake Classes” California’s State Board of Education today approved a settlement in a major education lawsuit brought on behalf of students who lost valuable learning time because they were placed in fake classes that lacked any instructional value.
  • 06/08/2016
    As DHS Threatens New Raids, Coalition Urges Universal Legal Representation for Detained Immigrants in California Report highlights dramatic impact of lawyers for detained immigrants and calls for expansion of NYC’s groundbreaking model of universal representation
  • 09/11/2015
    Landmark Civil Rights Settlement on Behalf of English Learners Affirms State of California Must Ensure Schools Provide English Language Instruction State agencies agree to establish watchdog system to ensure schools no longer deny English Language instruction to learners, which make up 1/4 of California students
  • 01/14/2015
    LA Times: Skid row doctor’s care includes finding patients a home Los Angeles Times A new County program uses county Department of Health Services money to subsidize rents for the very sick among the county’s 39,000 homeless people. Experts call it the nation’s most promising initiative to end homelessness.
  • 01/09/2015
    Los Angeles Times: Activists fear that big-project zoning change would ignore L.A.’s poor Los Angeles Times Newly proposed rules meant to smooth the way for vetting big developments in Los Angeles are stirring up alarm among community groups that say the plan doesn’t do enough to protect poor households or small businesses from being displaced.
  • 01/05/2015
    California Health Report: High school students push for playgrounds in small cities southeast of L.A. California Health Report A group of high school students from Southeast L.A. County is learning to lobby for green space and greater play opportunities for the area’s youngest children.

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