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Feb 27 2018

Project Management Dashboard Template – Microsoft Office Templates, dashboard project management.#Dashboard #project #management


Project Management Dashboard Template

Here is Project Management Dashboard Template for everyone looking for managing a big project. This dashboard template make your life very easier while managing different schedules, tasks and issues. It has a pretty feature of bringing in the summary of all schedules, tasks and issues on first sheet. It also give you best way to use collapse menu and groups using excel sheet.

Project management has never been an easier task for the people involved in the management procedures. These include all the people in the chain including contractors, engineers, sub engineers, over seers and project heads in whatever field the project is related to from construction, electrical projects and large industry projects. These management tasks can also be from the field of business where companies have projects of their own like sales, marketing and any such project. Project management has been an important job since the last few centuries and has evolved over time to a much advanced form which we see in the present day world.

People used to manage the projects verbally and by using paper aids, notebooks, journals and time tables and personally interacting with the work. Due to increase in the pace of work and the size of the projects which has increased to a much larger ratio as compared to the previous centuries, those methods tend to prove very slow, unreliable from data handling and calculation point of view and difficult to manage. To tackle the problems in project management and issues related to the large and complex projects, advanced technology and computers have been utilized.

Overall, this work book contains following four sections,

Here are some previews of this project dashboard template,

Dashboard project managementDashboard project managementDashboard project management

Here is download link for this Project Management Dashboard Template

Project management dashboards are amongst one of the main weapons of project managers which assist them in accomplishing the victory of project completion without much wastage of time and also being reliable. Project management dashboard is computer software which handles all the complexities when a project is in process and assists the project manager in calculations related to the budgeting, time tracking, resource management and project completion etc. Project management dashboards provide a very easy to interact and dynamic user interface which enhance their usability to a much greater extent than any other computer software. This software is easily available on the internet in both, standalone software form and also in MS Excel template form; standalone usually the paid and templates being the freeware.

A few from the key elements of project management dashboards are described. Take a look at the following:

  • These are available both online and offline form. The online version enables multiple project managers to stay in touch while they are working at different locations of the same project.
  • A section of project summary is there which gives a quick preview of the project situation including deadline, budget and the completed percentage of the ongoing project.
  • Different aspects are also represented graphically, in the form of pie charts, bar graphs and line or dot graphs giving a good idea about the facts to the observer (manager). These might include the financial data, project completeness representation, cost management representation and milestones. These are usually designed to be represented by attractive, techy meters and other figures which are liked by the users very much.
  • In business related projects, the dashboard software has a section related to the payments that cover the pending, cleared and other payments.
  • Important notes and notifications are also managed to be inserted at relevant places during the project is going on.

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