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Jun 22 2018

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Star Personnel Recruitment

Right now it seems the whole world is fighting for skilled and experienced developers, they are like gold. If you are one of the employers struggling, here are some ideas for building your team.

  1. Get them while they are fresh – hire the graduates. For every senior developer you employ, you should employ at least an additional two juniors. These may be straight out of their studies. They often have great skills, no experience but they will be happy to work at a fraction of what you are paying the senior.


Personnel recruitmentWelcome to Star Personnel Recruitment. South Africa’s leading owner managed recruitment and selection agency.

Founded in 1986, Star Personnel has developed a reputation for working with a selection of top employers to identify and recruit outstanding candidates who suit the employer’s requirements in terms of personality, attitude and skills.

With arguably the most sophisticated database system in the industry, written exclusively for Star Personnel, we have contact with over ten thousand interviewed and screened candidates. Furthermore we have the experience and skills to find those passive candidates who match our client’s specific needs.

For our candidates, we offer a professional experience, where your application is treated with the utmost confidentiality and care. Although unable to place every candidate we deal with, we strive to make the experience of contacting Star Personnel, a pleasant and rewarding one.

Thank you for your time spent browsing our website. We look forward to being of service to you.

Why Job Seekers Choose Star Personnel?

It’s no secret that high performers rarely spend their time looking over Internet job sites or scanning the job sections of the classifieds. They are much more likely to be focused on their careers and therefore getting on with doing a good job for their current employer. For this reason, one often finds that the best positions aren’t advertised. Instead, the top employers use recruitment agencies to search the market for these candidates on their behalf.

Fixed Term Contract vs Probation

For many years, companies have used a Fixed Term Contract as a way of “trying out” a potential new employee before appointing them in a permanent job. Although this may seem like a good idea, it is actually quite dangerous.

Firstly, the labour courts and the CCMA are very aware of this practice, and don’t look kindly on it. Section 186(1)(b) of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 (LRA) protects the rights of the temporary employee, if he/she can prove that any actions on the part of the employee lead them to believe that the contract would be extended. So if a manager were just to mention that the job could be permanent and then doesn’t offer full time employment, the courts would look at the termination as a dismissal, irrespective of what the contract says.

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