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Aug 31 2017

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making life easier for business owners

making life easier for business owners

Why over 15,000 Businesses love SmartPayroll and SmartHR

Amazing customer service

FREE friendly support from our Payroll + HR Angels – expert help from real kiwis who really care is only a phone call away plus built in help to walk you through any problem.

World class Payroll + HR

We’re innovation leaders because our total focus is to bring you the best Payroll + HR with seamless integration into your accounting system like XERO. You deserve the best !

Set Up and Training Done for You

We get all the set up sorted for you and train you in all the key features so it becomes second nature. You can depend on us!

NZs 1st Payroll Apps

You can run your payroll anywhere directly from your phone and your employees can submit their timesheets and view all their payroll info from the employee APP.

One Touch Pay

At the click of a button all calculations are done, your employees are paid and the PAYE and Kiwisaver are paid plus all reports are filed with the IRD, so you don’t have to remember a thing – there is no faster or easier way to do Payroll in NZ!

Employment Contract

Always be up to date with the latest HR law changes with expert contracts written by employment lawyers with favourable clauses for employers

HR Performance Management

Get the most out of your team, with recruitment, onboarding, induction, performance appraisals, terminations and dismissals and helpful alerts with everything digitally stored in the employee HR file – HR has never been easier!

Cloud based and rock solid security

All the benefits of 24/7 anywhere access on any device with automatic updates taken care of for you PLUS NZ’s largest IT company, Datacom, taking care of all the backups in datacentres across NZ and even in Australia for your ultimate data security peace of mind.

Resources, Guides and Events

Invitations to our FREE cool events throughout the year to inspire you and help you to manage and grow your business with guest speakers and great

food. Plus hundreds of great downloadable guides to help you in everything you could imagine in your business.

See what real Kiwi business owners have to say.

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Features tailored to your industry


In the trades industry the big consideration and feature that tradies want is the ability to pay contractors which we can. Secondly, paying allowances like tool, mileage, or meals and paying apprentices are all important things we help with in our Payroll for Trades set up.

Professional services

Generally the easiest of industries because everyone is on salary, we have built a One Touch Pay feature that will allow you to pay everyone in less than 1 Minute. Handy reports will show your split of labour across multiple departments.

Food hospitality

We love cafes and hospitality businesses. The great thing about SmartPayroll is you only pay for the people who actually work as we know you often have a lot of part timers or casuals.


Paying overtime and allowances are the big features that manufacturers like – this can be taken care of in the Payroll for Manufacturers set up.


We have a lot of retailer clients and the big request we always get is making overtime rates calculations easy and splitting hours between various shops or locations and paying commissions and bonuses. We can do this in the Payroll for Retailers set up.

Importers/wholesale and distribution

The area of interest here is setting up allowances and overtime and commissions on sales plus one off payments for specific jobs like unloading a container. Please ask us about this in the Payroll for Importers/Exporters and Distributors.

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