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Jan 31 2018

Patent Attorney Salary

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Patent Attorney Salary

Job Description for Patent Attorney

A patent attorney works in a company to ensure that its patents adhere to standard protocols and are defended against infringements. The position requires the candidate to have a law degree and to have passed the bar exam in the state in which the company is located. Additionally, certain companies look for lawyers who have studied engineering, biological, or other technology-related fields.

One responsibility of a patent attorney is to analyze all current company products (either released or in development) to ensure they will not infringe upon existing patents or can be defended against them. This role requires deep knowledge and analytical skills not only in the patent field, but also in the organization’s field of development. Another responsibility of the patent attorney is to write and apply for patents for products and technology being developed by their company. A familiarity and understanding of the patents process is required, and all parts of the patent must be correctly addressed and the application must adhere to professional submission procedures.

One major ongoing job of patent attorneys in many organizations is the defense of their company’s technological or product patents. This requires excellent research skills and diligence in reviewing current and existing patents from third-party establishments. The patent attorney works in active courtroom litigation of all company patents within their organization as well.

Patent attorneys typically work long hours. In addition to the specialized education requirements already stipulated, they should have strong familiarity with computers and word processing, and be able to write frequent directives and reports related to ongoing patent litigation.

Patent Attorney Tasks

  • Discuss invention and research the likelihood of successfully attaining a patent.
  • Litigates patent infringement controversies in court.
  • Works with federal patent examiners to resolve any patent related issues.
  • Describe inventions in strict legal terms and drafts patent application; challenge, negotiate, resolve and amend contested patent areas.
  • Analyze scientific and technical documents previously granted patents to determine if invention is new, innovative and does not infringe upon patented items.

Patent Attorney Job Listings

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