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Feb 27 2018

Passages malibu review, passages malibu review.#Passages #malibu #review



  • Call type: Telemarketer

(Reply to this post to help us understand . or ignore it, and confirm your lack of comprehension)

Passages malibu review

for answers to similar statements, problems or questions.

  • Call type: Prank call

regarding Google listing. Deleted. Who the hell cares about a Google listing anyway, it just invites more clowns.

  • Caller: unkn
  • Call type: Prank call
  • Caller: STUDEBT
  • Caller: studebt

Posters: PLEASE read what 800.com is about, what it is, and especially what it is NOT! Your rants, foul, abusive language, that you want to vent to the caller, your demands to stop being called by them, will not get to them by posting them here. Spare us. Share here that a number that called you is a scam, is a fraud, is spam, etc., but do understand the purpose of posting is to INFORM others with the posters’ knowledge about a caller. Doing that will be helpful to other readers, but it will not, can not, change that you get that call!!

  • Caller: “STUDEBT”
  • Caller: Los Angeles, CA
  • Caller: Unk-telemarketer
  • Call type: Telemarketer
  • Call type: Telemarketer
  • Caller: Yelp scam
  • Call type: Telemarketer
  • Call type: Telemarketer

First we got a message that said something like “We have noticed a negative review on your Yelp listing. Press 2 to be connected with a representative, to take care of this so you can improve your listings.” We pressed 2. Then we got someone seemingly located in some boiler room sweatshop place (with lots of background noise from other scammers), that asked “Can I speak with the owner”.

If they were Yelp they would know who the owner was. She also didn’t dare to give her name, but mouthed off something (after various delays, while it sounded as if she was being coached in a sweatshop), like, “I am the Yelp Review Manager”

Sure honey, you could have my credit card to care of my negative Yelp review. But unfortunately you do not work for Yelp, and since Yelp allows these unwarranted negative reviews, that give scammers like you the opportunity to create their rip-offs.

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