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Apr 29 2018

Oxford Global Resources Reviews

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Oxford Global Resources Reviews

Opportunity to make a lot of money (in 8 reviews)

The pay is great, you could easily make a lot of money if you work hard and put time in (in 8 reviews)

Tons of success stories to provide actual proof that at Oxford hard work pays off (also get to witness success stories as they happen) (in 14 reviews)

Great people tough but if you can accept the challenge great place to work (in 13 reviews)

45 hour work week that for some offices is non-negotiable (in 13 reviews)

Base pay is low but earning potential is very high and uncapped (in 17 reviews)

Management isn’t very good, VERY high turnover . hard to make commission (in 17 reviews)

More Pros and Cons

If you are looking for a job straight out of college where you don t need any experience and are willing to make very little money, this is the place for you.

No career growth here. They expect you to work and make them a lot of money but don t pay well at all. It s corporate and you don t ever get the answers you are looking for because the company is public and there are so many people trying to run it. Customers and candidates suffer because this company is always trying to micro manage and change things to try and better themselves and make more money. All the while, the candidates and clients take the brunt end of the changes.
Also, this company does not invest in their employees or give them raises.
Tenure is not a thing here and the turnover is horrible- worst I ve ever heard or seen in the staffing industry.

Advice to Management

Listen to your employees when they talk, especially the people who have helped build your company. Remove people out of management roles who don t belong there. Pay people what they are worth.

I have been employed in Fort Worth for almost 1.5 years. In that time there have been a lot of positive changes like our beautiful office. More importantly there have been major culture changes in regards to work hours and flexibility. Management really tries to help you as long as you give them effort back. Great opportunity to make good money as well. I am on pace to surpass 75k in my 2nd year of employment.

It s not easy. You have to be motivated to succeed. Managers are there to help but are extremely busy themselves. So don t expect to have your hands held. The good part is even if your manager is occupied there are many other managers and senior employees who are open to to help you.

Advice to Management

Continue to be open to change.

I ve never experienced a company that where you work hard, they will 100% match it with a chance to move forward your career. You have full control of your own success here if you put in the time and effort. It s a great first job out of college to gain personal and professional confidence but it s also a promising opportunity to continue your career growth

Any job in sales can be hard and there have been issues that ve been addressed. However, a lot of new positive changes going through the company currently

Advice to Management

There needs to be more management consistency from office to office. Make sure everyone on your team feels like they are heard and continue to expand your teams with the mixture of hard work, respect and inspiration

High earning potential with supportive management. The company is evolving with the needs of employees which is very exciting and lets us know our voices are being heard. As for the actual job, it is rewarding to build long-lasting relationships with consultants and place them on multiple assignments. There are many activities around the office as well creating a great office culture such as annual picnic, ice cream days, and holiday parties.

The job is hard work but you will reap the benefits if you keep at it. Working with people there will always be circumstances out of your control which can be stressful.

Advice to Management

Keep on doing what you re doing! Being flexible and showing you care about your employees goes a long way.

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