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Sep 13 2017

Medical Coding Specialist Program offered at WITC – Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, coding specialist certification.#Coding #specialist #certification


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Medical Coding Specialist

Coding. Technology. Billing.

The Medical Coding Specialist program prepares individuals for employment as entry-level coding specialists in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, physician practice groups, surgery centers, long-term care facilities and home healthcare agencies. Coding specialists are also employed in consulting firms, coding and billing services, insurance companies, governmental agencies and computer software companies. The medical coding specialist reviews medical documentation provided by physicians and other healthcare providers and translates this into numeric codes. The coding specialist assigns and sequences diagnostic and procedural codes using universally-recognized coding systems. Several uses of coded data are for payment of healthcare claims, statistics, and medical research.

Special Features

  • All courses will be offered online
  • The program may be completed in a full-time or part-time format
  • Students completing the one-year Medical Coding Specialist program have the option of returning to complete the associate degree Health Information Technology program

Career Pathway Options

Career Pathways connect progressive levels of coursework to allow students to build upon their education. Each step in the pathway connects with employment options and provides the opportunity for advancement to higher levels. Medical Coding Specialist is a pathway option in the following program:

Admission Requirements

To be a student in the Medical Coding Specialist program, you must:

  • Complete application form and submit with fee (fee waiver may apply if previously submitted)
  • Complete Accuplacer entrance assessment to determine placement (waiver may apply with acceptable alternative test scores and/or postsecondary degree completion)
  • Have earned a high school diploma or GED certificate; current high school seniors must provide documentation upon graduation
  • Complete one year of high school chemistry or one term of college-level chemistry with a 2.0 or better
  • Review and sign the Functional Ability Statement of Understanding
  • Admissions meeting with a WITC counselor (above requirements should be completed prior to meeting)

Program-Specific Requirements

Students in this program must:

  • Attend a mandatory program orientation session

Program Outcomes

Employers will expect Medical Coding Specialist graduates to be able to:

  • Collect health data
  • Model professional behaviors and ethics
  • Use electronic applications to support coding and data collection
  • Apply coding and reimbursement systems

Program Costs

The estimated total program cost for the one-year Medical Coding Specialist program is $3,837 (does not include books). This program is eligible for financial aid. View more information on program and costs.

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