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Jan 31 2018

LifeLock VS, identify theft protection.#Identify #theft #protection


LifeLock vs. Identity Guard: Who Will Help You Avoid Identity Theft?

Identify theft protectionOh no! Your wallet was just stolen along with all your credit cards and your Social Security card! But do you know what to do when this happens? Better yet, how can you minimize the pain if it does happen? Identity theft protection may be the smartest purchase you make this year, but how do you choose which company to trust to protect yourself and your belongings?

ASecureLife.com has pitted LifeLock against Identity Guard to find key differences, including things you didn t even know you needed, like service guarantees and insurance plans. Investigate what you re getting before purchasing an identity theft protection service including what each company protects against and what services they offer to keep your personal information private and safe.

Service guarantee vs. insurance plan

All of LifeLock s packages include a $1 million service guarantee while Identity Guard s packages offer a $1 million ID theft insurance plan. What is the difference between a service guarantee and an insurance plan and why would you need either? Having your identity stolen is a very expensive ordeal and having someone there to help you cover those expenses can be extremely beneficial.

What is a service guarantee?

If you are using one of LifeLock s packages, have fully complied with all of their service terms, and paid all necessary fees, then you have a $1 million service guarantee. This guarantee means that should your ID be stolen, Life Lock will cover expenses associated with recovering your identity up to $1 million. However, you must prove that Life Lock s system failed to notify you or catch the issue for you to receive reimbursement under the service guarantee.

What is an identity theft insurance plan?

Identity Guard s insurance plan covers you as long as the issue happens while you are a member, no matter what. If you re an Identity Guard member and your personal information is stolen, you ll have up to $1 million in identity theft insurance to reimburse you for covered expenses incurred recovering your identity.

LifeLock vs. Identity Guard s packages

LifeLock and Identity Guard s packages are compared below. Each package offers different features for a monthly price. The packages compared below include the entry-level packages through the high-end packages.

Identify theft protection

Identify theft protection

Identify theft protection

Identify theft protection

Identify theft protection

Identify theft protection

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