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Mar 22 2018

Just for Veterans, prior military jobs.#Prior #military #jobs

Just for Veterans

Prior military jobs

Prior military jobs

Maximize your employment opportunities as you transition into civilian life. Search for jobs, receive priority service at Texas Workforce Solutions offices and get information on transition assistance and benefits.

Search for Texas Jobs

Use our online job matching system, WorkInTexas.com, to search for jobs, create a résumé, and submit applications for employment. Get priority access and find jobs targeted to veterans.

Prior military jobs

Take Advantage of Priority Service for Veterans

Get priority service at all Workforce Solutions offices. Access job placement services, job search resources, training programs, résumé and application assistance, and career development assistance. Many of the offices have Veterans Representatives.

Transition into Life after Military

Connect with the resources that help you transition from military to civilian life.

Match Your Military Experience to Occupations

The Military to Civilian Occupation Translator helps service members match military skills and experience to civilian occupations.

Increase Your Employability

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit offers employers tax incentives for hiring individuals from specific populations with historically higher rates of unemployment, including veterans.

Transfer Your Military Service Into College Credits

College Credit for Heroes seeks to maximize college credits awarded to veterans for their military experience in order to expedite each veteran’s transition into the Texas workforce.

Research Assistance Benefits

Find information on assistance, services, and benefits for veterans, families, and survivors.

Research Veterans’ Educational Opportunities

The Texas Veterans Commission offers assistance with veterans’ educational benefits, including the G.I. Bill, the Hazlewood Act, and on-the-job training. Read about educational benefits and opportunities, search the directory of approved institutions, and find out about federal Veterans Administration education benefits.

Know Your Rights as a Disabled Veteran

Find out about federal laws that protect veterans with service-connected disabilities.

More Job Search Transition Tools

Find job search resources especially for veterans.

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