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Oct 16 2017

Infor Enterprise Financial Management

Get a real-time view of all the moving parts that make your business tick, and turn financial information into profitable action with Infor’s end-to-end financial management solutions—trusted by over 10,000 companies worldwide.

Comprehensive: From core financial management and analytics to performance, expense, and risk management, Infor has you covered.

User-driven: Put power into the hands of users and dramatically increase efficiency with a personalized, consumer-inspired user experience.

Smart: Get visibility across your organization and proactively address issues with automatic alerts and a single data source for all stakeholders.


The Accountant

Watch as the Vice President of Lacunix, Inc. convinces the COO that they need a more modern solution. Suitable for audiences of all ages.

Data quality & accuracy

Getting fast access to accurate data company-wide has long been a challenge for finance executives. Requests for information and the speed with which answers must be provided are going nowhere but up. Although complexity is on the rise, the tools for providing stakeholders with a single source of data and achieving the goal of error-free reporting are more robust than ever before. Read below for guidance from experts at CFO, NASDAQ and others on how to not just address reporting challenges but make data a competitive advantage.

For financial executives, technology can be friend or foe. Finance systems that were implemented years (and often decades) ago can no longer support the speed at which businesses move or the complexity of their operations. Eliminating manual processes not only increases efficiency, it also reduces errors and their associated risks. Check out the resources below for guidance on building your finance technology roadmap.

There is perhaps no other subject that concerns CFOs more than regulatory compliance and with good reason—regulations are continually evolving and the consequences of mistakes are severe. Having the right processes and systems in place is essential to not only minimizing risk but also to keeping the costs of compliance under control. Use the resources below for guidance and strategies on effectively managing this key finance function.

Finding individuals with the right skills to build a top-performing finance department has become a challenge in recent years. Experienced workers are rapidly retiring, and fewer millennials are choosing the profession. What used to be a continuous search for talent is becoming a battle to land (and retain) it. Use the resources below to learn how you can make your organization one that attracts the best and brightest.

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