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Jan 30 2018

HVAC Certification Online

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HVAC Certification Online

Getting your HVAC certification online is a quick and easy for you to further your career – or even venture into a new one. While education in the field isn’t required for some jobs, becoming HVAC certified means you’ll make more money and have more credibility in your job. Whether you choose to become an HVAC technician or plan to specialize in the field as a duct system installer or refrigeration specialist, getting your certification will benefit you. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there is a steady job outlook for people that are considering getting an online certification for HVAC. However, before you get started it’s imperative to check your state’s regulations and requirements for certification.

How Long Will Your Certification Take?

Online HVAC courses can take anywhere from 6months to 2 years, depending on your course load and whether or not you intend on taking classes to get your associates degree or you simply want to take the certification program. Two-year programs are more in-depth than a 6 month certification course and benefit you if you intend to specialize in one area.

How Much Do Classes Cost?

As of December, 2010, course costs range anywhere between $700 and $3500. This also depends on the type of course you’re taking. Cheaper courses are designed to cover the basics of the industry, while more expensive courses are longer and discuss different areas in-depth. Keep in mind that less expensive courses often don’t cover the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification portion that is on the HVAC certification state exams. Also, the EPA regulates those working in refrigeration or air conditioning on a national level, so if you plan to go into these areas of the field and choose to take a basic course, you’ll need to take the EPA certification courses once you’re finished with the basic HVAC certification courses.

If you attend an accredited online university, then you can apply for federal funding. Accredited universities offer all of the same funding programs that are available to those attending class in a traditional college atmosphere. As long as you can prove that you have a financial need, a Federal Pell Grant will be available to assist you in paying for the course.

Online HVAC Courses Benefits and Structure

Like with other degrees an online learning atmosphere appeals to those with hectic schedules or those who simply prefer not to attend classes. The online HVAC courses cover the same information as regular classes; however it’s up to you to discipline yourself enough to get the required work done on time. You work at your own pace, as long as you get your work completed and turned in within the allotted time.

Online HVAC typically have various sections and you have a set amount of time to complete each section of the course. The courses run in six-month increments, rather than the standard “semester” time period other degree programs adhere to. So, if you have four classes in one term, you would have six months (or 120 days) to complete all the work required for those four classes. You can opt to take as many or as few classes as you want during each six month period. However, if you take less than 12 credit hours it affects your financial aid, and you may not finish the program in the time frame the online school suggests. Regardless of how long it takes, when you’re finished with the classes you are ready to take your state exam.

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