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Feb 27 2018

Hello! Ice Cream Vintage Truck – Italian Style Ice Cream – Frozen Treats

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  1. How can I buy your products?

3) In the Spring/Summer, our cart will be at Farmer s Markets in South East Michigan. We also pop-up at special events and local businesses throughout the year. Follow us on twitter or like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date on where to find us!

  • What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?
    Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream and is really just a style of ice cream that originated in Italy. Traditional Italian gelato recipes have less fat and air than American ice cream. People often assume that gelato has more fat because of its creamy texture. But that creamy mouth-feel is due to a careful balance of ingredients that allow the gelato to stay frozen in a softer state. Gelato is also considered to have more intense flavor than ice cream. This is because fat coats the tongue, inhibiting your ability to taste, while the cold temperature of hard ice cream not only gives you brain freeze, it temporarily freezes your taste buds. On the contrary, when you eat gelato, the first sensation that hits your tongue is the flavor.
  • Why don t you call your products gelato, then?
    Most of our recipes are gelato recipes. True. But we prefer to refer to our products as italian-style ice cream. Why? We don t want to limit what we do. And the word gelato seems to create a lot of confusion. We don t know if using the term ice cream in our name makes things any clearer or simpler, but we feel that it fits.
  • Do you use local ingredients?
    We use milk and cream from local dairy farms. We use fresh local fruit in season. We try to source most other ingredients from local suppliers with the exception of traditional Italian pastes the best of which only come from Italy.
  • How on earth do you make your gelato taste so incredibly good.

    No one has actually asked us this, but we like to imagine they are thinking it! We use the best ingredients and carefully balanced recipes, of course. But the real answer is time and heat. Our 3 day process begins by heating the mix so that the flavors meld with the milk. cream or non-dairy ingredients. Then we age the mix overnight to let the flavor deepen. And finally, just before freezing, we heat the batch one more time! The result is an intensity of flavor you just can t achieve quickly.

  • Contact

    We would love to hear from you and answer your questions.

    Margaret Schankler
    Hello! Ice Cream

    Allow us to serve your guests from the window of our beautifully restored 1965 International Metro van. Our chalk board will list your customized menu and we can accessorize the truck to fit any theme. Our retro-inspired cart features whimsical activities including a waving hand (say hi!) and an animated iPad menu display. We are happy to create custom iPad displays using your photos and words. We can provide self-serve stations or we can scoop and serve for you. Our courteous staff dress vintage-style in bermuda shorts and bow ties.

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