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Sep 21 2017

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Healthcare Jobs in Denver, Colorado

Healthcare Jobs in Denver, CO Overview

Denver, which is known as the Mile-High City, is a great place to live for healthcare workers. Jobs in the field are plentiful. Among the most in-demand positions in Denver are for home health care service workers, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, surgical technicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, and general internist physicians. Although many healthcare jobs are likely to change as technology in the field rapidly progresses, they are likely to be plentiful in Denver for many years to come.

Denver, CO Healthcare Job Market

An abundance of healthcare jobs in Denver, CO means that the job market is booming for those who work in medicine. Hospitals in the Denver metropolitan area provide thousands of jobs. The University of Colorado Hospital, Medical Center of Aurora, Craig Hospital, Porter Adventist Hospital, Parker Adventist Hospital, Rose Medical Center, and Denver Health Medical Center are all leading hospitals in the area that regularly hire healthcare employees ranging from doctors to assistants. Those who want to stand out in Denver’s very competitive job market should attain as high an education as possible in their field, gain experience while still in school, and continue to study throughout their career.

Healthcare Salaries in Denver, CO

The healthcare salaries in Denver fluctuate a bit from the national averages. A healthcare administrator can expect to earn approximately $67,000 per year. Payroll administrators and medical office managers earn around $40,000 annually. Optometrists in Denver can expect to earn around $60,000 per year.

Physicians and supervisory medical officers can earn over $100,000 per year, while registered nurses can earn well over $65,000 annually in Denver. Medical support assistants, dental assistants, and licensed practical nurses earn around $30,000 each year. Overall, doctors who specialize are very well-paid healthcare professionals, with anesthesiologists often earning $300,000 annually, and allergists, dermatologists, and endocrinologists earning over $200,000 per year.

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