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Jun 25 2017

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Enigma: Why the fight to break Nazi encryption still matters

Codebreakers’ work played a key role in the Allied invasion on D-Day and created the world that s led us to today s encryption battles

On June 8, 4:43 PM

France warns of risk of “permanent war” in cyberspace

Guillaume Poupard lamented a lack of commonly agreed rules to govern cyberspace and said “we must collectively. on a global scale”

On June 1, 5:01 PM

Adylkuzz hack, called larger than WannaCry, hits computers

Hundreds of thousands of computers around the world have been impacted by another malware attack that uses tools developed by the NSA

On May 17, 4:33 PM

Microsoft slams officials for “stockpiling” security flaws

The “WannaCry” ransomware attack should be a “wake-up call” for governments, Microsoft says

On May 15, 12:23 PM

Former CIA deputy director on “frightening” cyberattacks

Michael Morell says the past week’s “WannaCry” ransomware attack was unparalleled in scope and sophistication

On May 15, 10:28 AM

Cyberattack s grip may grow as workweek starts worldwide

Ransomware hit in 150 nations and counting could resurface as workplace computers are booted up, experts warn

On May 15, 1:47 AM

Cyberattack cripples hospitals, spreads across borders

Ransomware attack froze hospital systems across Britain and hit businesses in other countries as hackers held computer data hostage

On May 12, 11:51 AM

Why emojis might be your next password

New research suggests emojis could provide better password security than you might think

On May 4, 2:45 PM

Beware of Google Docs phishing scam

Staff at multiple media outlets, including CBS News, reported receiving the emails, which look nearly identical to the actual ones Google sends when a person shares a document

On May 3, 5:04 PM

Why we choose terrible passwords, and how to fix them

Research-based tips on how to pick a better password your first line of cyber defense

On May 2, 11:09 AM

Now you can get protection against hackers — if you’re worth $5M

Insurance company AIG now covers wealthy families who face cyberbullies, hackers and ransomware

On April 6, 5:15 AM

Latest tips to protect yourself against hackers

What the latest wave of hacking incidents could teach us about staying safe in 2017

On March 28, 7:22 AM

Password security tips to help you foil hackers

Russian hackers didn t have to work very hard to break into email accounts, even those belonging to government officials or powerful executives

On March 17, 4:58 PM

Resetting our password habits

On February 19, 9:36 AM Play Video

A world beyond passwords

On February 19, 9:09 AM

States up security after Vt. reports Russian malware

State government and utility computer networks getting a close second look after scare with one of Vermont’s largest electric grids

On January 1, 10:19 AM

New cyberattack in U.S. with possible ties to Russia

Vermont electric utility detects malware code that U.S. government says Russian hackers use

On December 31, 7:17 AM

Now’s the time to change your passwords

Consider it a vital New Year’s resolution you can accomplish before the ball even drops

On December 29, 5:00 AM

Hackers and passwords: Your guide to data breaches

When companies tell you your data was stolen, it’s not always clear what really happened; here’s what the terms mean

On December 21, 2:44 PM

What you should do if you were hit by the Yahoo hack

Changing your password is a good step but it doesn’t stop there

On December 15, 2:22 PM

Authorities bust international cyber theft ring

“The Avalanche Network” allegedly operated servers that helped criminals hack at least 250,000 computers

On December 5, 7:42 PM

The problem with this new chapter of fingerprint security

In the rush to do away with problematic passwords, tech companies may be opening another pandora’s box of complications

On November 21, 10:52 AM

Ahead of elections, states reject federal help to combat hackers

Nearly a dozen states haven’t accepted Department of Homeland Security’s help to try and bolster cyberdefenses of voter registration systems

On October 28, 5:01 PM

The phishing email that hacked the account of John Podesta

The Clinton campaign’s own computer help desk thought the email was an authentic mail sent by Google

On October 28, 11:43 AM

More clues point to Russian involvement in DNC, Podesta hacks

Russian investigative website Bellingcat was hacked with similar “spear phishing” techniques

On October 26, 6:54 PM

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