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Sep 30 2017

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The President and Congress came together earlier this year to not only extend the Home Affordable Refinance, but to upgrade the guidelines so that equity is completely taken out of the approval equation. The HARP 2.0 enables homeowners who have underwater mortgages to refinance regardless of their “loan to value.” Our HARP lenders can help determine if your mortgage is held by Fannie or Freddie and whether or not it meets the eligibility requirements.

Compare Home Refinance Mortgages from 90 – 100%

* Income Verification Loans
* Refinancing with FHA
* Use High Credit Score
* 1st Time Home Buyers OK
* No Mortgage Penalties
* Fixed Rate Home Mortgage
* Home Equity Lines
* Compare Interest Only Options

Now you are encouraged to compare offers for home mortgages that were created to replace negative-am 1st mortgage payments with a fixed simple interest rate solution! Replace the teaser loan before the index and rate adjust.

See if You Qualify to Get Lower Mortgage Payments with Fixed Interest!

Compare Home Mortgage Loan Rates Online at No Cost

Fixed Rate Home
Refinancing Mortgages

If your mortgage payment is rising from your variable rate ARM, take action and refinance into a fixed rate loan. Combine all your mortgages together into a fixed rate first mortgage.

– Fixed Rate Jumbo Mortgages
– Cash Out Second Mortgage Loans
– Reduce Principal Balance Quicker
– Alleviate Variable Rate Indexes
– Replace Negative Amortization

The government improved their mortgage relief products. The FHASecure and the Hope for Homeowners did not help as many people out as HUD had hoped so they worked hard to improve Home Loans from FHA were created so that more Americans could qualify for a lower monthly payment.

If you have a second mortgage or equity credit line, we believe you will save a lot of money by refinancing the 2nd lien into your first mortgage. 30-year 1st mortgage rates have never been better so call now and learn how to lock secure home loans from a competitive lender!

Mortgage refinance loans are not created equal. FHA home mortgages do not require as much home equity as conventional lenders demand. Let our loan officers help you with lending guidelines, loan limits and more.

Stay up to speed on loans for new house buyers.

First Time Home Buyers Guide
You can also check our blog for news and HUD policies for FHA financing.

Need Refinance Help or Quick Cash?

With interest rates at all-time lows, now is the optimal time for refinancing a mortgage. Even if you were stuck with a home mortgage because of a poor credit score, consider some of the updated subprime, military and FHA options for house refinancing that have been saving people money all year.

As property values rebound, more of our trusted lenders have rolled out new home equity programs with attractive rates and endless possibilities. Having quick access to cheap money is a huge privilege for homeowners in this great country.

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