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Jul 31 2017

Chiropractor – Arizona Chiropractic Orthopedics – Chiropractors in Tucson, AZ #insurance #tucson #az


Chiropractor – Arizona Chiropractic Orthopedics

Arizona Chiropractic Orthopedics

Arizona Chiropractic Orthopedics is located in the Rillito Business Park just south of River Road on 1st Avenue in North Tucson. The office is a modern, clean, and spacious setting with ample parking and outstanding views of the Catalina Mountains. We are contracted as a preferred provider with all major health insurance networks, and our experienced staff can verify coverage upon request.

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William L. Wesselink, DC, FACO

Dr. Wesselink is a Chiropractic Orthopedist, trained at National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL, and Northwestern University of Health Sciences, Bloomington, MN. He has extensive training in whiplash injury biomechanics and spinal trauma from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. The practice focuses on treatment and rehabilitation of spinal and orthopedic conditions using techniques from esteemed authorities such as Craig Liebenson, DC, Jeffrey Tucker, DC, Stuart McGill, PhD, and Gray Cook, PT. Dr. Wesselink also has training in Active Release Technique and related soft-tissue therapies.

Dr. Wesselink has a long-standing working relationship with occupational medical centers and numerous medical providers, and has excellent communication with patients primary care physicians and other specialists.

The office is equipped with state-of-the-art physical medicine and rehabilitation equipment including Spinal Decompression, and conditions are evaluated and treated using evidence-based and best practices guidelines. Each patient receives a customized self-care program appropriate for their specific condition and lifestyle. Exercise and stretching programs are easy to understand and perform, and use low-tech and inexpensive methods such as TheraBands, PhysioBalls, foam rollers, yoga workouts, and aquatic therapy. X-rays are NOT performed in the office as Dr. Wesselink prefers to refer patients to the many excellent imaging centers in Tucson. This allows medical specialists to evaluate x-ray, CT, and MRI evaluations, ensuring patient safety and increasing quality of care. The office uses electronic medical records and electronic billing to facilitate insurance claims and reporting to requesting parties, including patients physicians.

Our website provides you with background about our Dr. Wesselink. staff. office hours. insurance policies, appointment procedures, maps. directions to our office and other useful information. Please take a few moments to look through our website to get a better feel for Arizona Chiropractic Orthopedics s capabilities and services. We also invite you to email or call us at any time to request an appointment or ask any questions. Thank you.

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