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Jul 31 2017

Chicago Car Accident Lawyer #chicago #accident #lawyer


Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

Regardless whether you were just in a car accident or if the accident occurred a year ago, our office can help. We’ve handled countless motor vehicle accidents. Our attorneys have over 60 years combined legal experience. But most importantly, we are a law firm dedicated to being responsive to you and your needs. You want to work with an attorney, not always be shuffled off to a paralegal or legal assistant. You want to receive a phone call back when you call or a response to your email. We will respond to your inquiries immediately – customer service is our biggest strength. In addition, we will provide you honest, fair representation. We will give you an honest assessment of your case and work with you to maximize your compensation.

Our firm is also very aggressive in our representation. Insurance companies are not on your side. An insurance adjuster’s job is to minimize the amount of exposure the insurance company pays you. As such, we strongly recommend speaking to an attorney before contacting the insurance company. In almost every circumstance, our firm can obtain vastly more for you than you can recover for yourself.

It’s also important for you to hire a car accident lawyer who focuses his or her practice on personal injury law. There are a lot of good generalist attorneys out there but why consult with a business attorney about a car accident?

Don’t wait to call a Chicago car accident lawyer. We have years and years of experience and will maximize your recovery. We will help get you the medical care you need, get your property damage resolved, obtain the police report, order your medical bills and records, handle all interactions with all insurance companies, negotiate your medical bills with your medical providers or negotiate your lien with your health insurance company. In short, we take care of everything from start to finish. And finally, never ever give a recorded statement to the insurance company without consulting with an attorney first.

Proven Results In Personal Injury Cases

Bicycle accident, our client got doored by the driver of an automobile who opened his door while our client was riding by. Suffered a minor concussion. $14,500.

Truck accident, our client was the passenger in a car that was rear ended by an 18 wheeler. He was thrust forward and back and suffered a laceration on his leg and bruising. $20,000.

Moped accident, defendant rear ended our client who was a passenger on a moped. She fell off the back sustaining a torn labrum in her shoulder. $40,000.

Slip and Fall accident in front of a restaurant resulting in elbow bursitis, $40,000.

Slip and Fall Accident

Vehicular accident, defendant merged into our client s lane thereby causing a collision that resulted in a fractured index finger and contusions, $95,000.

Motorcycle accident, $240,000, defendant rear ended our client while he was idle at a stop sign. Resulted in a herniated disc.

Motorcycle Accident 2

Motorcycle accident, $550,000, defendant pulled out in front of our client causing a T-bone accident resulting in hip replacement surgery.

Motorcycle Accident 1

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