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Oct 17 2017

Certified Medical Coder Salary By State – Salary By State, how do i become a medical coder.#How #do #i #become #a #medical #coder


Salary By State

Certified Medical Coder Salary By State

Google Trend growth of Certified Medical Coder over 8 years time as of which you can see the career has not existed until 2006 when Certifications started to be given to people getting the education to become Certified Medical Coders to enter the Medical Coding profession.

How do i become a medical coder

Bureau of Labor Statistics information for for Medical Records and Health Information Technicians which also match up to the Certified Medical Coder career. Medical coding falls into the BLS category of salary and job growth statistics of Medical Records Techs. The growth is pegged at 21% which is faster than most careers out there with an additional 37,700 Medical Record Health Information Tech jobs being added to the job market.

How do i become a medical coder

Listed below is information that is specific to Certified Medical Coder job salaries that you can expect to receive in that state area. Our state by state breakdown allows you to see which state is best to get a job as a Certified Medical Coder. The salary information provided below is off of real-world job listings for Certified Medical Coders and the pay offered for those jobs. We source Indeed, Simply Hired, PayScale and GlassDoor.com. The information provided by Indeed about their process for collecting salary averages is as follows: Indeed Salary Search is based on an index of salary information extracted from over 50 million job postings from thousands of unique sources over the last 12 months. Many job descriptions don t contain salary information, but there are enough that do to produce statistically significant median salaries for millions of keyword, job title and location combinations in fact, most job searches you are likely to think of. As new jobs are added each day, the Indeed Salary Search index is automatically updated with fresh salary data, so the salary results are as up-to-date as they could possibly be.


How do i become a medical coder


How do i become a medical coder

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How do i become a medical coder

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