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Aug 31 2018

Careers in Metallurgical Engineering – Department of Metallurgical Engineering – The University of Utah, engineering careers.#Engineering #careers

Department of Metallurgical Engineering

Careers in Metallurgical Engineering

Scholarships and Competitions

Undergraduate Program Guide

Your choice of career will obviously have a major impact on your life in the future. Most people find this choice difficult to make mostly because it is so hard to get useful information about the many career paths open to you. It is also difficult to find out what it will be like when you start your first job in your chosen career.

We have assembled some information here that could help you decide whether a career as a metallurgical engineer is right for you. Remember that the information assembled here relates only to metallurgical engineering, and you should visit many other sites before making a final choice. Use all the resources of your school’s vocational center also. Time spent in doing this will not be wasted.

Remember that your interests will change over the years, and your career path will take many unexpected turns. Career choices are never irrevocable, but a good and wise choice when you enter college will greatly enhance your college and early professional experience.

Job Prospects and Salaries

The metallurgical profession is extremely diverse, and it offers a wide variety of career opportunities for young people who have an interest in technology, science and engineering. Metallurgical engineers are employed in every industry and enterprise that produces, buys, sells refines or manufactures metals or metallic products. You have probably heard many times that modern societies cannot function without a plentiful supply of every concievable type of metal and alloy and that people who are skilled in the use or production of metals and metallic materials of all kinds are highly valued. This is indeed true, and metallurgical engineers command good salaries, and young metallurgical graduates can expect to be able to choose from some exciting career alternatives. You can get some idea about salaries that are offered to graduates in various professions from the data presented in the table. The table shows statistics relating to average annual salaries offered to applicants with bachelors degrees made during the year ending in Summer 2016.

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