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Aug 10 2017

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Before you make a car donation to charities – ask what percentage of your donation goes to helping people.

At Volunteers of America Nevada, we don’t send your money to charity — we are the charity. When you donate a car (or boat or golf cart) we don’t give money to others who feed the homeless or run women’s shelters — we run those programs ourself, right here in Nevada, and have for over 115 years. That is a noticeable difference between Volunteers of America in Nevada and other charity car donation programs. It is also the reason we are able to apply a much higher percentage of donations to use helping people – an average of 88 cents of every dollar.

Making a car donation to charities is an act of open-handed generosity. But before you speak the words “Donate my car to charity”, you should ask any charity car donation program exactly how much of your donation will go to helping people. At Volunteers of America we spend an average of 88 cents of every dollar we raise on locally based programs that help women, men and children get the helping hand they need. Unfortunately, many charity car donation programs spend more on advertising and management than helping people. More than one so-called charity car donation program was created for the profit of the people who started it, not the people they claim to help. So it pays to do a little research to make sure when you donate your car or truck it will help as many people as possible right here in Nevada.

We are an Officially Recognized 501(c)(3) Charity Car Donation Program

We aren’t middlemen who channel some of your donation to charity; Volunteers of America is an officially recognized 501(c) (3) charity. Our charity car donation program is an important way we raise working capitol to help people in Nevada who are struggling with a tough economy and tough life circumstances. As an official 501(c) (3) charity, you can be sure that when you donate your car or truck (or golf cart or boat) it will be fully deductible under IRS rules, as long as you itemize your deductions on your taxes. For more information click on Taxes: Donate Car.

We Practically Invented Car Donation to Charities. That’s One Reason Why Our Process is So Fast Easy.

Volunteers of America is one of Nevada’s original ways to make a car donation to charities. We didn’t start our charity car donation program with horses and buggies. but almost! We’ve spent years perfecting the process of donating a car. Today we have pared it down to a Simple 2 Step Process that only takes minutes. All you have to do is fill out the simple form to the right and press the button below. After that we’ll call you to schedule your free pick up — the call and pick up often happen within a day. It’s as easy as saying “Donate my car to charity”. Or if you like, just phone us toll free at 877-721-4862.

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