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Jun 21 2018

Bachelor of Commerce in Information and Technology Management, bachelor information management.#Bachelor #information #management


Bachelor information management

Home Course Bachelor of Commerce in Information and Technology Management

The Bachelor of Commerce in Information and Technology Management [BCom (Information and Technology Management)] is a popular and much-sought-after undergraduate programme. Information Technology is presently one of the fastest growing industries creating significant career opportunities for students. Employers value graduates who demonstrate skills and knowledge in both business and information technology domains and the management thereof. The aim of the programme is to create graduates who are able to offer and manage business solutions through information supported technology.

Students are exposed to the design and development of systems and engage in solving real-life problems and implement and continually adapt these systems to changing organisational needs. This programme enables students to become professionals in their fields providing them the perfect opportunity to pursue and succeed in their postgraduate studies.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the student should be able to:

  • Structure data, information and knowledge in an organisational setting.
  • Apply information and knowledge management principles and theories in a variety of organisational settings.
  • Apply information and knowledge management principles in the different functional units of an enterprise.
  • Understand the architecture, platforms and configuration of systems to generate information and knowledge for decision making.
  • Utilise information and knowledge management as a strategic tool for competitive advantage.
  • Analyse, evaluate and present financial, quantitative and functional information and knowledge for meaningful interpretation.
  • Propose business solutions through information and knowledge management techniques.

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