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Jun 21 2018

Alcohol Detox Center

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Alcohol Detox Treatment

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Alcohol in Toms River, NJ

All rehab must begin with a detox. Medically supervised detox is recommended for alcohol treatment, since alcohol withdrawal can be deadly.

Many Americans consume alcohol regularly, with no ill effects. However, some individuals will suffer alcohol dependence and possibly alcoholism. Sunrise Detox is a medical detox center designed to provide the most comfortable detox possible, with professional certified counselors and nursing staff available on-site 24×7.

A medically-supervised detox is the best way to start on the road to sobriety. Call us now, and we’ll get your treatment started. We will also help define a treatment plan that suits you, and help you choose the right rehab for after detox.

3 Day Alcohol Detox Treatment

A 3 day alcohol detox is a medically supported detox for alcohol dependency or alcohol addiction. A 3 day detox may be suitable for someone for whom alcohol withdrawal is a problem, but whose drinking has only been light to moderate.

A 3 day detox may also be suitable for younger and more fit individuals, when there are no other complications (such as drug use, physical problems such as depleted nutrition, illness or co-occurring mental disorders).

Our Toms River detox center is designed to support and encourage you as you manage the initial withdrawal from alcohol use.

A comfortable detox is the best foundation for recovery

The Toms River, NJ detox center is designed to support you in comfort and safety during your initial alcohol treatment.

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You know something has to change, and you have hope that it will. Call us right now and get help. Let’s get it done!

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