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Sep 30 2017

ADT Door Alarms & Door Security Devices #total #security #alarms


Door Alarms

Looking for more information on ADT monitored security systems? With the country s leading provider, enhanced protection starts at your front door.

Door security devices are the first line of protection for any home monitoring system. Think about all the comings and goings at your household in a typical day all that back and forth means plenty of room for error. It s not uncommon for a child or family friend to leave your door unlocked when they step into your house – we ve all been there.

It s time for you to take the right precautions ahead of time, because front door security is one of the most important factors in tightening your grip on your home safety.

All-over door alarm systems

Of course, securing your main entrance is important, but there s more to the mix than just front door protection. With ADT monitoring, full-service door and window alarms commonly known as entryway contacts or Points of Protection come standard. From your porch screen to your garden window, ADT monitoring solutions are built for comprehensive coverage.

Consider the benefits of making entrances more secure:

  • You ll never have to wonder whether someone is on the way in or out. When disarmed, ADT monitored security systems use an electronic chirp or voice alert to notify residents when a door is opened or closed. Your door alarm will keep you in the loop at all hours.
  • If an intruder attempts to break into your home through a door or window while the system is armed, the ensuing sound won’t be a chirp – it will be the wail of the system’s high-decibel alarm siren. When the would-be burglar realizes you re equipped with a monitored home security system, any plans for a break-in just might go out the window, and quickly.
  • If you have kids running in and out, you ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes along with door security devices. Keeping tabs on your children 24/7 can be tough, so it s worth the investment to get a little help along the way. A door alarm can be your eyes and ears when you re upstairs or in another room.

ADT monitoring: Door alarms and much more

ADT monitoring is proud to have the title of America s leading home security provider. From front to back, ADT monitored security supplies everything homeowners need to enhance the protection of their homes efficiently and effectively – including door alarms.

If you re interested in ADT monitoring, pick up the phone and call to ask about your options. A trained representative can give you the inside scoop on the many benefits you ll receive with an ADT monitoring package.

Beyond door and window alarms, ADT monitored security systems offer a variety of solutions for your home safety. Motion detectors, yard signs, fire and smoke detection and even remote access features are available. ADT monitoring makes it easy to get all your home security needs in one convenient package.

Speak with a representative today about adding ADT monitoring to your household safety plan. The nation s most trusted provider is committed to giving its customers a premium experience from start to finish.

All you have to do is make a risk-free phone call to a security representative. Call today and learn all about the advantages of an ADT monitored home alarm system, including enhanced security for your doors and windows.

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