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Sep 4 2017

Addiction Treatment Center for Men – Small Town Success Since 1988 #addiction #treatment #center


Residential Addiction Treatment Program for Men

Since 1988 Prescott House has provided personalized reintegration services to men and their families across the United States and Worldwide. Heading into our 30th year, we have proven that long-term recovery is best achieved through a therapeutic treatment environment. Prescott House is committed to providing precisely that: excellent clinical care in a close-knit recovery community. This commitment is founded on a firm belief in the recovery of the mind, body, and spirit.

Confronting Self-Destructive Behaviors

Prescott House prides itself in providing a safe environment in which individuals may openly confront their self-destructive behaviors. Re-developing integrity and accountability, while also nurturing personal and emotional growth, helps to regain self-trust and brings new life during recovery.

Clinical Staff Commitment

Together as a staff, we strive to know each individual by name and work tirelessly to consider the whole person, treating not only the symptoms of self-destructive behaviors but more importantly the causes. In fact, many indicate that they are experiencing facing this long avoided trauma for the first time.

Start the Process of Healing from Addiction: 866-425-4673

Specialized Addiction Treatment Programs

Opioid Addiction Rehab for Men

Our nation has recently started to address the realization of widespread dependency on Opiates or Heroin. Calling Prescott House is a great first step to recovery. Prescott House is heading into our 30th year of operation and is nationally recognized as a long-term rehabilitation and addiction treatment center in Prescott, Arizona. Our extended care facility has handled numerous heroin addiction cases, and has an outstanding treatment record among those most affected by the drug, and their loved ones.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Get help from Alcoholism Now Call Prescott House Toll Free: 866-425-4673 Most adults can drink casually and not be burdened with addictive behavior or dependence on alcohol. For a relatively small percentage of us, however, drinking in moderation is not an option. Continued and frequent drinking of copious amounts of alcohol – also known as binge drinking – leads to habitual behavior, and ultimately, more drinking.

Love | Affection | Sex Addiction Treatment Center for Men

The Prescott House is a men-only, long-term addiction rehabilitation community in Prescott, AZ. A pioneer of love, affection and sex addiction treatment for men since 1997, we proudly utilize Dr. Carnes’ Thirty-Task Model to help treat men struggling with sexually compulsive behaviors. Our Program provides a reintegration of life-skills that develops self-trust in achieving successful, long-term recovery.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Center for Men

It is often difficult to determine the exact cause of a substance abuse problem or a mental illness in a person who has a dual diagnoses. In some instances, substance abuse is brought on by an existing mental illness, as an individual attempts to “self medicate” the symptoms of mental illness with illicit or prescription drugs.

Why Choose Rehabilitation and Reintegration at Prescott House

We Help You Recover What Was Lost

After my 30 Day primary treatment program, I was not ready to be back out on my own. Getting into Prescott House was stress-free and I learned how to manage my life again and live a sober lifestyle. Prescott House taught me how to practice recovery .

I had been sober from alcohol for close to two years, but I was still very depressed and unhappy. My sex addiction had really ramped up and I was finding it more and more difficult to live any sort of life. For me, it was not about knowing what to do, but implementing those recovery tools I had learned throughout the years. The Prescott House provided me the therapeutic and community support that I needed to do recovery and I will be forever grateful!

Thanks to Prescott House, I feel comfortable being me and,
for the first time in my life, I am free from drug and alcohol addiction.

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